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I am Shivam Rathore and this is my newsletter based on three things in my life:

  • Building and learning in public

  • Green and Carbon neutral Society

  • And the fight of “me against my stupidity” 😅

I develop web apps and explore new things, and work on different ideas (have something in mind, let’s discuss). I also contribute to open source projects – check my GitHub profile

I have helped plant over 30+ trees and compensated over 8+ tonnes of CO2, thanks to Tree Nation. Check my impact at tree-nation.com/profile/impact/shivam

Physically also, I have planted 6 plants:

  • Two of them (a Jamun and a Mango), unfortunately, died 😢

  • Moved two of them (Mango plants) to my high-school garden

  • Donated one to a friend (Neem plant), involved in farming

  • And the last one is still small in the pot – it’s a watermelon plant

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They say “People find their paths in the strangest of ways. Let's find our own!”.
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It's all about building, learning, experimenting, and having fun with ideas in public. #buildinpublic


Developer building in public • Loves Greenery • Solves Rubik's Cube & Plays Puzzles Daily: Wordle & Cryptogram • Follow me on Twitter @010Shivam